INCLUDES Design and Development Launch Pilots will receive technical assistance focused on collective impact and scaling up innovation. As part of this conference, conference participants will participate in long-distance pre-conference and post-conference activities, as well as a 2.5 day conference event.

Share Theory of Change

January 2, 2017

Participating teams will have an opportunity throughout November to share their theories of change related to their NSF INCLUDES/broadening participation in STEM work. The theories of change from each participating team will establish a basis for finding a common agenda for broadening participation in STEM. There will be differences across teams about various dimensions of…

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Identify Shared Indicators

January 20, 2017

When approaching complex problems through the lens of collective impact, it is essential to have shared measurement systems. In December the Launch Pilot sites will identify a short list of indicators to help all participants measure the impact of their work from a broader scale. Rather than imposing shared measurements on a network of actors,…

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Complete Site-Specific Surveys

February 1, 2017

Launch Pilot sites will be coached through the modeling process.  Launch Pilot sites will receive the Collaborative Primer with accompanying data collection toolkit. The toolkit will consist of a survey to be administered to their Launch partners. The survey will be constructed specifically to provide data for teams to use when constructing models of their…

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Pre-Conference Session

March 1, 2017

Implementation and Open-Source Communities. This pre-conference session will provide an overview of knowledge translation and implementation science that the Launch Pilots might find useful in framing their strategic plans for becoming an Alliance. Stay tuned for more specific date/time information!

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April 3, 2017

This in-person conference will take place in Kansas City, Missouri on April 3-5. The total conference time will be 2.5 days. This conference will have a mix of opportunities to work with collaborative modeling as well as presentations on relevant topics. Collaborative Modeling: Collaborative modeling is a process in which team members collaborate to identify…

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Post-Conference Session

June 1, 2017

Evaluating Collaborative Work. This post-conference session will engage the participants in evaluation activities for Data-Driven Collaboration as well as their own Launch Pilot experiences. In follow-up to the conference event, the conference team will reach out to each site to discuss which action steps have been applied, benefits and challenges experienced, and further adjustments or…

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